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An Phat Pham is a premier criminal defense and civil trial law firm, known nationwide for successful litigation of complex high profile cases. If clients have cases that one day may go to trial, they choose An Phat Pham, renowned for the ability to properly handle cases for trial.

 An Phat Pham’ success hinges on an extraordinarily thorough review of evidence and deep expertise and skill in trial litigation. What makes An Phat Pham unique is that, unlike other firms which handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a certain number of cases at a time in order to dedicate full concentration to doing the best possible job for our clients. The Firm uses a highly focused team approach in preparation, evidence collection and trial presentation.

An Phat Pham is unique because we devote enormous attention to each case, often changing the momentum of a case, and giving clients the attention typically not received elsewhere. Clients know that An Phat Pham fights hard, a reputation that surrounds the entire case and affects perceptions of all involved, even opposing counsel, and often creates outstanding resolution opportunities.

In addition to our unrivaled criminal defense practice, An Phat Pham is known as the “go to” firm for corporate civil litigation high-stakes cases. The firm’s civil trial team takes on corporate cases that are potentially business-altering, with the potential to affect profitability and reputation. Corporations are confident with An Phat Pham because they have the best possible firm preparing their case.